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My publications are only available in German, so if you are interested in an English version, please contact me.

Starting in 2001 with a publication about how to handle human risiks in projects I have been writing professional articles for the "Projekt Magazin" for 12 years now. My texts are about project management and project controlling and are primarily addressed to interested experts , project leaders, project members of staff, but also project controller, who want to increase their knowledge, but also for beginners. The years of experiences as project manager and the constant exchange with other project leaders create the ideas which I bring to paper in my manuscripts. 

Link to my publications in Projekt Magazin (in German language)

In 2007 I began to write texts for the internet portal akademie.de. On this platform I face freelancer and founders of new business’s, but I also address small and middle sized organizations and pass on basic knowledge about controlling and finances.

Link to my texts on akademie.de (in German language)

my books  

Projektmanagement im Not for Profit-Sektor  

Buchcover "Projektmanagement im Not for Profit - Sektor"
Handbuch für gemeinnützige
ISBN-10: 3-924-84162-4
ISBN-13: 978-3924841-62-1

Projektmanagement - Handbuch für die Praxis
Konzepte-Instrumente-Umsetzung Projektmanagement - Handbuch für die Praxis

Hans-Dieter Litke (Herausgeber)
ISBN-10:  3-446-22907-8
ISBN-13: 978-3-446-22907-5


My e-book (in German)

Management und Führung im Projekt - Aufgabenstellung und Instrumente

is available in the e-book-shop of Euroforum Verlag. It is an element of a wide e-book seminar of Euroforum about project management. Link to the complete seminar as e-book:  e-book project management

writing as a hobby 

Schreiben als Hobby

Sometimes I just right short stories for fun, as light reading, but I have just not enough time for that. Mostly its stories about diving or just about life.

Thus I took part in the literature project  "Deutschland schreibt Geschmack" on the Literaturcafé portal ... here is the result Kirchweihsünde.

Right now I write my first little book, more about it soon...  


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It contains 6 online. issues of Projekt magazine and ends after 3 months.

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Erfolgsfaktor Entscheiden

Projects offer a bright spectrum of problems for project leaders, depending on the project or the client of a project. One significant common ground can be noticed within all these problems: the necessity to decide. Decisions are daily business in the project practice. Read more (in German):


Einstieg risikomanagement

In textbooks, forums and speeches risk management is highly applauded, but is in practice not that popular. Thereby is the analysis and valuation of risk together with fitted methods one of the most important columns effective and successful project work. Read more (in German):