not-for-profit project management

I have been intensively involved with project management in nonprofit organizations for more than two years now. One of the consequences is my contribution to the guideline for non-profit organizations of the GPM e.V. more about the book (GPM web pages).

My own experiences in nonprofit projects showed me a valuable difference to the projects I knew until then. The brainstorming, project development, the budget allocation and other processes, which I know from the profit or commercial sector, work different. But that is not what really makes the difference to me - the distinction lies in the people working in these projects, and in their goals. Federstrich  

Qualification and training in the field of project management is really important for the employees in nonprofit organizations - and not only for them, but also for volunteers - to raise the chances of being rewarded for your dedication with success. 

Without project management, even though many involved persons are enthusiastic for "the good thing", they might not always be rewarded for the energy and work they invested. Sometimes ideas and goals fail on the simplest barriers, which could be conquered with professional methods and little knowledge in project management. Its regrettable that a lot of valuable time, energy and ideas can be lost because of this! 

That's why I offer seminars for volunteers (e. g. over KISS in Regensburg) and for nonprofit organizations. If you are interested just contact me. 


project management in the cultural field

I got a special insight - working with the Goethe Institut - in cultural projects now and I am still going on, deepening my knowledge, in cooperation with galerists and curators in the surroundings of Regensburg.
My impression is that there is a great need of simple, not overly technical but very practical orientated tools and methods to support and professionalize the project management in cultural work. 

Right now I am working out a concept of a small and flexible guideline for project management (even for small organizations) which can be tailored towards your needs and will provide a collection of pragmatic but useful instruments and methods. My goal is to to create a guideline, which is easy and understandable but also good in practice in small and big projects - and to realize this together with experienced practitioners.

At the moment I am looking for a publisher interested in this guideline in German (and English) language - for a
combination of printed book and e-book.

my own projects

in 2013

Concept for a project management guideline especially for cultural projects

I am still looking for practitioners (curators, gallery owners...)
and a publisher who are willing to support my project with their experience.

in 2011 and 2012

The contribution to the new GPM book was one of my most challenging projects in 2012.
In 2011 my projects were the concept of a new online workshop and a training for cultural managers.
Concerning my volunteer projects: I organized two 
events (an allergy and asthma day each year in corporation with the AOK in Regensburg) which proved very popular. 

in 2009

I ran a successful information campaign for the "Deutscher Allergie- und Asthmabund" about allergy shocks with kids in Kindergartens and KITA's in the city of Regensburg. 

my project experiences

In the years before I managed a lot of projects, IT-Outsourcing, choice and launch of  new IT systems, linking of business locations outside of Germany or also reorganization projects.