concept: knowledge transfer 

Knowledge and experience are the basics for successful work – whether in your Job or in voluntary work.
The exchange of work knowledge and specialized knowledge serves to broaden the specialist and personal horizons of all envolved persons; especially for young employees, but the same can be said for experienced people. And, surely it also inspires and enlarges the personal skills. In this way the knowledge transfer receives an extra quality. That's why I am not only sharing my knowledge and work experience as an author, but also as a consultant, a seminar supervisor and as a mentor. Since July, 2013 I am a certified trainer.


concept: seminars and workshops

foto Seminar

As lecturer I conduct seminars and workshops about project management and controlling in German and English language. 

By cooperating with the Goethe-Institut as trainer for project management workshops I collected experiences about projects in culture- and language work of the institute worldwide. As a result of this close contact to many cultural affairs managers the requirements of cultural projects have become one of my specialties.  

Due to my focus to Not for profit organizations I also offer trainings for German authorities with various requirements - for example IT project management, soft skills like time management, or project controlling.
Since the end of last year I work as a trainer for the Statistical Office of the Federal State of Bavaria.

As I want to support young working women and founders of a new business with my work experience I am taking an active part in the Regional centre for professional women Frau und Beruf . An example of my career coaching seminars is ”Professionell argumentieren” - "Professional manner of agrumentation".

In addition to that I offer a seminar about project management for volunteers at the information center KISS in Regensburg which addresses leaders and organizers of health support groups in Regensburg and surroundings. More informationen you can gather directly from KISS Beratungsstelle, phone number 0941 - 599 388 610.


concept: online - seminars

One the one hand the personnel contact and conversation with seminar attendants cannot be replaced by an online-seminar. On the other hand, if the attendants are scattered all over Germany or even all over the world, or to follow a presence seminar with a "on the own project" coaching phase, I recommend online-seminars because of the many advantages of e-learning and blended learning concepts.  

In cooperation with the online-platform akademie.de I offer customized web-workshops about project management; primarily for nonprofit organizations or firms (especially recommended for organizations with widely scattered facilities). 

If you are interested in an online-workshop with me please contact me here or contact akademie.de. 
E-mail to workshops@akademie.de oder call +49 (0) 30 - 616 55 0


concept: mentoring

Since the beginning of 2011 I am active at the Regional centre Frau und Beruf as a mentor. In this role I take responsibility for one year to accompany a woman in her development in her work field. I support her with all my knowledge and experience during this year - what is really a great job to do!   


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online - seminars

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workshop as e-book 

The e-book "Management and leadership in projects"  is available in German language in the e-book shop of  Euroforum- Verlag. The e-book is a part of a extensive e-learning seminar from Euroforum institute. The complete seminar:

e-book Project management