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For a few years now, I have been working as a writer publishing professional articles; mainly about project management and controlling. My job-related experiences flow into these texts. In 2012 the GPM Verlag published a new book, a manual of project management for non-profit organizations, where I contributed as a co-author. My articles and books are available in German language. If you are interested to read (or to publish) an English version of my articles, please feel free to contact me!

Until end of 2013 I worked as a controller in an internationally focused group and have experiences as project manager and project controller. So I offer to accompany your projects - creating concepts, developping strategies, designing the implementation of project management, controlling or portfolio management. 

In addition I am a certified trainer, lecturer and mentor, having experiences for several years now. As a member of the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement" - the German organization which cooperates with the International Project Management Association (GPM-IPMA.de) - I take part in the activities of the Not-for-profit special group of the GPM. I really appreciate the possiblities there to follow the newest developments about project management and chat with colleagues and experts about current and exciting events. 


my current projects 

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Project management in cultural work

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institute Goethe-Institut I am active as workshop leader for project management - especially in cultural and language work. I also give online workshops and seminars. It’s a great and fun thing to do! Currently I have the plan to develop a guideline for cultural projects. Read more about it

Career coaching for young professionals at "frau und beruf"

For the regional center of "frau und beruf" (professional women) in Regensburg I offer - from time to time - a career workshop for free-lance and employed women. You can find out more about it here. In 2014 there will be a special career training in three blocks, the details are in progress at the moment.   

Project management for IT Specialists

Starting in December 2012, I have been working as a trainer for public administration and service and for  the industry. Topics of the workshops are IT project management basics and cost estimation, e.g. for software engineers. In Regensburg, I offer workshops with Eclipseina, www.eclipseina.com.

Intercultural Project Management

At the moment I am collecting information for a manuscript to a new book about project management from an  intercultural view. Read mord about this here.

my recent book publication 

Project management in the "Not for profit sector" -
Guideline for non-profit organizations

New publication from GPM Buchreihe Praxis, published on June 4th 2012, with the title "Projektmanagement im Not for Profit-Sektor, Handbuch für gemeinnützige Organisationen". It is available in German language.

Buchcover "Projektmanagement im Not for Profit - Sektor"Editors are Rolf Kaestner, Steffen Koolmann and Thor Möller. These different skilled authors combine their knowledge and their experiences in the non-profit sector in this book - a really exciting project! 

My contribution is a text about idea generation and idea evaluation (in context of project development) and includes methods for decision making about project ideas - up to portfolio valuation, a basic for portfolio controlling and later on project evaluation.

ISBN 978-3924841-62-1 price 49,00 € (39,20 € for GPM members) 


"Microsoft Excel – schnelle Formatierung für umfangreiche Daten"
Recently publicated - here Projekt Magazin. In German language available. 

New article:

My next publication will be a text discussing the economic situation of projects including economic and liquidity planning,  focussing at not for profit organziations and small business.

Guideline to Cultural PM:
Currently I work on a guideline for cultural projects. Read more about it

New publication:
Guideline for not for profit organizations / GPM 
Buchcover "Projektmanagement im Not for Profit - Sektor"
More about it on the GPM web page

Updated text at akademie.de:
Liquidity plan for you business

Best Practice in Projekt MagaziKo

Add-on to new book
One of my published tools for liquidity planning is part of a CD to the Book 
Buchcover Freiberufler - Fit fürs Finanzamt
Fit fürs Finanzamt

author Constanze Elter, which will be published in May, 2013 

More publications:
Project management - manual for practice 
/ Hanser Verlag
Projektmanagement - Handbuch für die Praxis
More about it on the web pages of 

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